EMERGENCY Phone Numbers

              9-1-1              Emergencies ONLY

              9-1-1             TEXT 911  -  when Spokane County citizens cannot safely make a phone call, or those who have hearing or speech disabilities...Emergency ONLY...give location of emergency...Use simple words to ask help from police, fire, or medical help....This will NOT work while your phone is roaming. 
      ALERT Spokane
      Spokane's Emergency Notification System
(509) 562-1240            Alcohol/Drug Help Line

(509) 363-3333           Child Protective Services

(509) 456-2233            Crime Check to report non-emergency incidents.  This tip line is staffed 7 days a week, 24 hours/day.

(509) 326-CALL  
        Domestic Violence Crisis Line/Shelter
(509) 487-6783 
            Domestic Violence - Referral to Abuser Treatment

(509) 247-2687             Fairchild Family Advocacy Office

(509) 838-4428             First Call for Help

(509) 838-4428             Frontier Behavioral Health Crisis Line
  First Call for Help is a 24-hour crisis intervention which assists people with urgent mental health issues. 

1-800-222-1222           Poison Center  (Washington State)  This 24-hour service provides information and emergency response for poisonings.  They are staffed by nurses, pharmacists and poison information specialists, and a clinical toxicologist.  They handle over 100,000 calls a year.  Call whenever you suspect a possible poisoning, or for information.
                                     Power Outage Reporting
1-800-227-9187           Avista Customers

1-877-668-8243           Inland Power and Light
(509)  924-3800           Vera Water and Power  

(509) 624-RAPE          Sexual Assault Crisis Line

                   2-1-1         Spokane Community Resources   Call if you need food, shelter, health care, or transportation.  

(509) 535-3155        Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery

(509) 624-7273       Victims Crisis Line- 24 hours  

What You Can Do
  • Many homes to NOT have house numbers which can be located easily and seen clearly, so that emergency vehicles can locate these homes quickly.   Fluorescent paint on house numbers may help make them more visible in the dark.
  • Sign up for Spokane's community warning system.  Alert Spokane is a Reverse 911 system that issues local emergency warnings to people living near an emergency situation. 
Alert Spokane can send automated emergency messages via telephone, cellular phone, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or email to residents and businesses located within Spokane County. This system may be used by emergency response personnel to notify specific homes and businesses at risk with specific information about an emergency event, such as
    • information about a hazardous situation,
    • request from police to help solve crimes or find missing persons,
    • or emergency protective measures during a disaster.
You will only be called when the associated address will be impacted by an emergency.  For more information, contact