Arts (The) - Art, Dance, Music, Theater
  • The arts are an important part of what binds a community together, helping to create a positive community identity.
  • The arts can improve SAT scores.  The College Board reports that students who have studied the arts for more than 4 years outperform the other students on the SAT.  Students who participate in the arts score higher points on the SAT than students who do not.
  • When the arts are a strong component of the school environment, studies show that the drop-out rate and absenteeism decline. A 10-year study of community-based youth organizations found that youth participating in programs with arts activities were twice as likely to win an academic achievement award, 4 times more likely to participate in a science or math fair, and 8 times more likely to receive a community service award.

The Presidents Committee on the Arts and Humanities research confirmed that the arts helped produce critical thinking, nimbleness in judgment, creativity and imagination, cooperative decision making, leadership, high level of literacy,  communication and the capacity for problem posing and problem solving.

Unfortunately, arts and music programs are often the first to be cut when education budgets are reduced.   (Remarks by University of Utah President J. Bernard Machen, BYU Student Forum, January 30, 2001: "Values, Bytes, Diversity & Reason:  On Becoming an Educated Person in the 21st Century; The President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities, "Creative America" and "Gaining the Arts Advantage")


What You Can Do
  • View Spokane's various cultural arts organizations on our site.

  • Introduce children to the arts, by providing opportunities through classes, lessons, gallery tours, and music events.
  • Attend youth recitals, concerts and exhibits. 
  • Provide performance opportunities for young musicians, dancers, actors and artists.  
  • Teach a skill to others (artwork, music, or some other talent).  
  • Offer financial support through donations.

  • Offer to help host or usher at cultural events. 
  • Volunteer at an arts festival like Spokane's Art Fest, or as a docent at a museum.
Local Organizations
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