Cooling Centers

2016 Spokane Cooling Centers

The following is the 2016 list of places where people who are unsheltered or otherwise need to cool off may seek temporary relief from the extremely high temperatures expected over the summer.

The cooling centers hours begin
Friday, June 26
*Hours and days vary at each location.

Open Doors
(Family Promise of Spokane)

631 S. Richard Allen Court
Spokane, WA
(south Perry district)
Day Shelter ONLY for homeless families with children up to age 18.
As of June 5, 2017 - They will offer 24/7 Emergency Shelter.  Prior to that date, they are only open 7:30 am - 7:30 pm.  Homeless families with children are taken to the Salvation Army to sleep from 7:30 pm to 7:30 am. 

The Salvation Army (Fellowship Hall)
222 E. Indiana Ave.
10am-6pm (except Saturday)

525 W. 2nd Avenue
Open 24 hours

The Women’s Hearth (single women only)
920 W. 2nd Avenue
8:30am-5pm Fri, closed Sat-Sun,
8:30am-5pm Mon-Tues, 10:30am-5pm
Wed, 8:30am-5pm
Thurs, closed Fri, July 3

Times and dates for Spokane City Libraries:
(509) 444-5300

Downtown Public Library
906 W. Main Avenue
10am-6pm Fri-Sat and Mon,
closed Sunday,
10am-8pm Tues and Wed,
10am-6pm Thurs and Friday

East Side Library
524 S. Stone
12pm-6pm Fri,
10am-6pm Sat,
closed Sun-Mon, 12pm-8pm Tues,
10am-6pm Wed-Friday

Hillyard Library
4005 N. Cook
10am-6pm every day except Sun-Mon (closed)
Tues (12pm-8pm)

Indian Trial Library
4909 W. Barnes
10am-6pm every day except Sun-Mon (closed)
Tues (12pm-8pm)

Shadle Park Library
W. 2111 Wellesley Ave
10am-6pm every day except Sun (1pm-5pm)
Mon-Tues (10am-8pm)

South Hill Library
3324 S. Perry
10am-6pm every day except Sun (closed)
Mon-Tues (10am-8pm)

In addition to these cooling centers, all regular shelters remain open. 
Local Organizations