CFC - Combined Federal Campaign

Nonprofits should consider becoming a CFC Member Charity!  The CFC is a Federal program which receives financial donations from Federal employees’ paychecks, and directs those funds to the specific 501(c)3 charities or federations selected by the employees themselves.  A small percentage of each donation is used by the CFC to administer this program (audits, training materials, staff).  

Spokane's 501(c)3 nonprofits may apply to have their name placed on the CFC Charity List to receive these donations.  The CFC campaign runs from January 1 through March 30 of each year.  Nonprofits must sign up by the March 30th deadline to be included in either the online list or the printed copy of that calendar year campaign.    

The CFC Charity List
presents eligible local, national and international charitable organizations in the Inland Northwest.  These charities are listed alphabetically and by service category; and they can also be found through a search box.  The online list is simply a copy of the printed list. In 2012, there were only 45 Spokane nonprofits listed under the “Local Organizations” section.  The viewer must identify Spokane County charities by the (509) area code next to each nonprofit’s name.    

Each charity provides the following information:    
  • Brief description
  • Contact information
  • EIN# (Employer Identification Number) to view additional financial information about an organization from the IRS’s copy of their Form 990. 
  • AFR (Administrative and Fundraising Rate) which represents the percentage of the organization’s total support and revenue.  
View the CFC Charity List

Each Federal government office has a CFC campaign coordinator.
  Participation by federal employees is strictly voluntary, and coercion is forbidden.  Employees may also donate to the CFC anonymously.  Federal employees continue to make the CFC the largest and most successful workplace philanthropic fundraiser in the world.  Continuing a long-standing tradition of selfless giving, in 2011, Federal employees raised over $272.7 million dollars for charitable causes around the world. 

Advantages to Nonprofits
for receiving CFC donations: 
  • Provides cost efficiency of funding charities with one consolidated check from member donors within workplace campaigns.
  • Helps charities anticipate funding for their annual budget.  
  • Enables the charity to spend less time and money raising funds, by receiving funds from unsolicited donors.
  • Funds raised through workplace giving are unrestricted.  Charities can put them to use where dollars are needed most.
Advantages to Employees - for donating to the CFC:
  • Donations are regular tax deductible gifts documented on your regular pay statement, pledge form, and the required W-2 Form for tax purposes. 
  • Monthly payroll statements and pledge forms are the required tax documents.  Annual contributions require bank records and a copy of the pledge form.
  • Payroll deduction spreads the contribution across the entire year.  

Nonprofits must apply through the CFC Manager listed below.  The campaign runs from about September 1 to January 1 of each year.  Funds are distributed quarterly, with the first payment in April of the year following registration.                                                                                                                                                 

For more information, contact:

John Guilbeault
CFC Manager
Inland Northwest Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
      (509) 838-6581 X 111