• Exercise Animals.  Some animals are confined to a house or a cage, and don’t get much exercise.   Be sure your own dog gets lots of exercise.  Offer to walk dogs for others—your neighbor or an animal shelter.   
  • Take Care of Animals.  Ask permission to help take care of animals.  Offer to be a foster family for animals awaiting adoption.  Offer to help feed and care for animals for your family, a neighbor, or an animal shelter.  
  • Share Your Pet.  Ask permission to take a well-behaved pet to a nursing home to visit with the residents.  Some of the elderly are lonely, because they do not have many visitors.  You and your pet can offer them some great company and a friendly animal to pet.  
  • Donate to Animal Shelters.  Animals that are hurt or abandoned are taken to special places where people take care of them.  These animal shelters are often in need of rags, blankets, towels, paper towels, toys, shredded newspaper, dried dog food, food bowls, and portable cages to comfort the animals and prepare them to be adopted into a family.  
  • Guide Puppies.  Learn how to be a foster family for a guide puppy which is raised to help those who are blind.  Learn about raising a dog for persons with other disabilities.  
  • I.D. Collars.  Put an identification collar on your pet in case he is ever lost, and is then found by someone who wants to help him find his home.      
  • Adopt a pet.  Consider adopting your next pet from one of the many abandoned and orphaned animals in Spokane’s animal shelters.   These animals are licensed, spayed or neutered, and given a free vet check.

  • More Ideas.  Find more ideas for Animal projects, on this site. 

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