• Purchase and wrap gifts for homeless or needy children.   Ask your family and friends to help decide what to buy and set a dollar limit, which may challenge you to use your money wisely.  You can find the names of families in need on Christmas tree tags in the Mall, or by checking with local churches and social services.  
  • Mitten Tree.  Organize an activity to collect mittens, hats, gloves and scarves to be donated to the needy children at your school or a community center. 
  • Christmas Trees.  Earn the money to purchase a Christmas tree to give to someone in need.   You may find a tree farm or nursery which is willing to donate part of the cost of a Christmas tree for a needy family or shelter.
  • Decorate a Christmas tree for an elderly neighbor, or for those at a nursing home, hospital, school, or homeless shelter. 

  • Start a new family tradition.  Set up a Nativity scene near your Christmas tree, complete with a manger for Baby Jesus.  Throughout the month of December, each member of the family can place a strand of straw in the manger for each good deed that was carried out.  It could be as simple as washing the dishes, helping a sibling with homework, sending a Christmas card to someone special, or spending time with someone who is home-boundIn addition to serving others, the goal is to  ensure that the newborn Savior will have a warm and comfortable place to rest by Christmas Day. 

  • Christmas Eve.  Plan a special Christmas Eve program with your family and friends.

  • Secret Service.  Leave an anonymous gift for a family member. 

  • Christmas Church Service.  Identify someone that will be alone for Christmas.  Invite them to attend a church service with you. 

  • Jesus Christ.  Find a picture of Jesus Christ that inspires you and place it in your home, where it can serve as a reminder of his life.

  • Mail Person.  Give a simple gift to your mail carrier to raise spirits during their busiest season.

  • Help prepare Easter baskets for needy children.  
  • Help plan an Easter Egg Hunt for needy children.  

Holiday Baskets
  • Make a holiday basket full of food or gifts for someone in need.  

Motherís Day
  • Give your Mom a hug and a homemade card for Motherís Day.

  • During your Thanksgiving meal, invite the members of your family to take turns telling what they are especially thankful for.

More Ideas.  Find more ideas for holiday service projects, on this site.