• Raise Money.  Help raise money for charities - through babysitting, car washes, garage sales, etc.  
  • Collect Pennies.  Raise money by having a penny drive at school and donating the money to a charity.  Students can ask their family to donate their loose change.  
  • Collect pennies to raise awareness of an issue – Request permission to place a jar in your school to collect pennies to raise both money and awareness for a local issue, such as homeless children; or donate the money to a specific organization.      
  • Admission Fees.  Ask your school administrators to donate some free tickets to school plays, ball games and dances, to those who can not afford to pay.    Or, take a percentage of the money earned from one or more of your school events, and donate it to a cause that helps others.  Or, advertise that the admission charge for a specific school activity can be money, cans of food, clean blankets, or some other needed items—all for donation to a particular organization.   
  • Birthday Parties.  Instead of bringing a present to your party, ask your guests to bring an item off of a list provided by an animal shelter—dog or cat food, animal treats, or pet toys.  Then, give these items to the shelter (either yourself or with the birthday guests).  Ask the shelter if children can walk and feed the animals. 

  • More Ideas.  Find more Fundraising ideas on this site.