Emergency Preparedness

  • Help Save Lives.  Take a life-saving class, such as CPR, first-aid, or swimming.
  • Emergency Kits.  Help your family make emergency kits for your home and car.  
  • Fire Safety.  Make sure your family’s smoke detectors work.  
  • Make a plan.  In the event of a fire in your home, make a plan for family members to escape.  Hold a family meeting and make sure everyone knows what to do, and where to meet outside.  
  • Make a Neighborhood Directory.  Make a directory for the families who live on your street or in your extended neighborhood.  It could include each family’s name, address, phone number, a map of the neighborhood, and emergency phone numbers.  Give a copy of the directory to each family, to use both socially and in the event of an emergency.  
  • House Numbers.  Fire and rescue departments can have difficulty locating the correct homes in times of emergency, when house numbers are either missing or not easily seen from the road, especially in the dark.  Walk through your neighborhood to see if the street addresses are easily visible on the homes.  (Do this both during the day and at night.)  Consider making up a flyer to leave at homes that are at risk of not being found quickly.  Suggest stores where they can purchase numbers; or suggest they keep their porch light on in the evenings to light up their address; or offer to paint addresses on the curbs; or offer to paint the house numbers with a reflective paint. (Painting addresses on the curb may not be the best solution, because of the snow which can cover curbs many months out of the year.)  If you choose to work on this project, discuss your ideas with the Fire Dept.  
  • Fire Hydrants.  Ask the Fire Department if you can adopt a fire hydrant so that your hydrant does not delay the fire department’s response to an emergency.  Ask if you can keep it painted, put reflective tape on the bonnet of the hydrant so it is more visible at night, keep it free of snow, cut back weeds, and prune plants away from it.  

  • More Ideas.  Find more Emergency Preparedness service ideas on this site.