See the "Donations" topic on this website

for a list of organizations
which would like to receive your donations.   


Donation Boxes

  • Ask permission to make a family donation box.  Place a large box or bag in the garage.  Every time a family member comes across an item they no longer need (clothing, books, eyeglasses, personal or household items), they can place it in the box.  When the box is full, all of the items can be dropped off at an organization in need of those donations.  
  • Organize a donation drive at school or church for a specific organization. 

Baby Items
  • Donate baby items (blankets, clothes, bottles, diapers) to organizations which distribute these items to those in need.  

  • Donate books to a community center or a homeless shelter.  

  • Clothing (New).  New clothing (particularly socks and underwear) can be purchased and donated to shelters.  Having something new to wear helps many people feel better.   
  • Clothing (Used).  Gather clothing you no longer wear, and donate them to organizations that help the needy.  Most shelters need to have clothing on hand.  Sometimes the theater department of a high school will take old clothing to use in their school plays.   
  • Coats.  Old coats can be collected for a coat drive and donated to the needy.  
  • Shoes.  Collect used shoes from the community, sort and clean them.  Then, deliver them to a homeless shelter or an organization that provides clothing to the needy.  

  • Collect unwanted computer equipment and take it to a place that recycles these items.  

  • Donate a bag full of canned or nonperishable groceries to a Food Bank.   

Hygiene Items  
  • Donate personal hygiene items (toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, shampoo) to homeless shelters or community centers.

  • Hold a coin drive for an organization which provides a valuable service to others.  For example, the March of Dimes helps babies born prematurely or with health issues like birth defects.    

Movies and Music
  • Donate new or gently-used G or PG-rated movies, CDís, or game CDís to organizations serving youth, including a childrenís hospital.   

  • Pop tops can be collected and donated to the Ronald McDonald House, which will recycle them and use that money to help with expenses at the house.  

School Supplies
  • Gather school supplies for homeless or needy children, and donate them to schools or community centers.  

Sleeping Bags  
  • Donate sleeping bags to homeless shelters.  

  • Many children living in shelters have few possessions, if any, including toys.  They have little to occupy their time.  Sort through the things you never play with, which are still in good shape.  Collect toys from friends and schoolmates, clean, and repair the toys for a second chance at love.  Donate these toys, books, and games to family shelters.