Baby Sign Language

  • Baby Signs make it easy for babies as young as 6 months to communicate with others.  Two decades of study suggest that teaching babies sign language can increase a child’s vocabulary, and increase their potential in school by increasing his vocabulary, reading scores, and IQ.  There are also many social and emotional benefits, strengthening the baby’s bond with parents and family.  
  • Learning simple sign language can lower a young child’s frustration and make a warmer bond between parent and child, helping them connect in a richer way.
  • Baby sign language does not retard speaking—rather, it enhances it because the babies are anxious to communicate more.
What You Can Do
  • Parents can use simple ASL or Baby Signs (very simple signs like the deaf community uses) to teach a child obvious associations like eat, book, and bottle.  Teach your baby to sign by repeatedly saying a word and making the sign.  Keep it very simple.