• Call 9-1-1, if you are in need of an ambulance, and they will dispatch the appropriate Spokane Fire Department and Ambulance. 

  • Northwest MedStar is an air ambulance company that has its headquarters in Spokane.  They transported more than 2,500 patients in 2013.  MedStar has a high safety record, as it has never had a helicopter crash.

    Although insurance covers some of the costs associated with medical transportation, a flight with MedStar can cost thousands of dollars. In 2013, the base coast of a helicopter ride was $14,220. To ensure that patients don’t pay for flight costs that their insurance plan doesn’t cover, MedStar offers a $60 one-year membership program (or $150 three-year deal), which “covers out-of- pocket transportation costs for the family of an enrolled person.”  (Source: “Rescue Ready," Rachel Alexander, The Spokesman-Review, 10/18/15; Northwest MedStar, (509) 536-5462,
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